Help us ReTree the planet.

Prevent climate change by donating trees to over 30 countries in need. 

Only $1 per tree. Our sponsors will match each donation in 2017! 

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Why plant trees

Planted in Last 90 Days

18,919 trees

CO2 Reduction

908,112 lbs.

Pounds of Oxygen Produced

4,918,940 lbs.

Give the Gift of Trees

Show someone you care with a unique gift that makes an impact on the planet.

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What is ReTree?

ReTree (verb): the act of replenishing earth’s tree supply to help reverse climate change.

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Making a Global Impact

Make your donation personal by making an impact on a country of your choice.


How It Works

Refer Friends, Plant Trees

Refer your friends to ReTree and when they plant trees, you earn points to plant more!


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