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After you make your donation, funds are then appropriated to our trusted network of planting partners to cover the cost of trees and labor to plant them. Our partners decide the type of trees to plant, and only plant during favorable weather and environmental conditions. That means your trees may not be planted for a few months or more. Once they’re ready to plant, our partners will choose the land, cultivate the soil, and nurture the seedlings to give them the best possible start.

They, along with the locals, continue to maintain them until they’ve taken root and begin to breathe a life of their own, absorbing that nasty CO2 from the air and helping to cool our precious planet!


We have an extensive network of partners who plant trees and assist local communities in over 25 different countries on every continent. Partners like PlantIt2020.org, EdenProject.com, WeForest.org, and TreesForTheFuture.org have a physical presence in the country you chose and will plant the trees you donate.

The planting season is different for each country and climate. Countries with harsh winters may have a short planting season while tropical countries may be planted immediately. Because we offer trees in so many countries, each with unique environments, we have authorized our partners to use their expertise in deciding when and what type of tree to plant - this could take months.

There are over 100k species of trees on the planet. The goal of ReTree is to plant native trees that make a longstanding, positive impact on the community. Whenever possible, ReTree and its network of partners teach local community members how to plant and care for the trees.

At any given time, there are approximately 25 countries to choose from and if one isn't near to your heart, simply choose one of the Preferred Countries. You also have an option to select "Let Us Pick" and we will select a country or community for you - one that is in great need of our collective help.

With each tree you donate, ReTree will plant an additional tree somewhere on the planet, for free. For those who want to help us spread the word, add a ReTree t-shirt to your order. Via email, (because we don't use paper!) you'll also receive information on the benefits of trees and the impact your donation had on the planet.

We have donated a significant number of trees to our partners, who have planted tens of millions of trees all over the world. But its not enough. Trees are being cut down, burned, or die-off faster than humans are replanting them. Every tree counts - according to the Arbor Day Foundation, one tree can produce oxygen for 10 people in one year!


2.5 million trees are destroyed each day. Planting trees helps keep our air and water clean while helping communities in need.“

- Crystal Ponti, Community Manager

Every single minute about 36 football fields' worth of trees are lost due to deforestation for roads, timber, fires, and real estate development.“

- David Tobias, Managing Director

11% of global greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans can be blamed on deforestation, which releases carbon dioxide into the air.“

- Nik Olguin, Board Member

Indonesia has the highest deforestation rate. in the world, losing 15 million acres of forest between 2000 and 2012.“

- Peter Navarra, Board Member