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North America

Specific Countries Impacted: US Great Lakes (water levels dropping), Northwestern US & Alaska (rising sea levels), Canada & Northeastern US (increases in West Nile virus)


  • Diminishing snow cover is decreasing the availability of drinking water
  • Unpredictable weather patterns are causing a rise in wildfires and insect (disease) outbreaks
  • Rising sea levels are producing intensified storms and other weather events such as flooding and shoreline erosion



South America

Specific Countries Impacted: Amazon (rivers and rainforest impacts), Brazil (crop yield reductions), major cities La Paz, El Alto, Lima, Arequipa, and Quito (water shortages)


  • Rising temperatures and less rainfall are causing significant droughts and water shortages
  • Increased rainfall is negatively impacting land use and crop output and causing major flooding


Specific Countries Impacted: Mediterranean Basin (loss of wildlife), eastern, and central Europe (flooding), Greece (forest fires), the Alps in Switzerland (warming roughly 3x the global average)


  • Significantly increased warming trends are impacting biophysical systems and society (deaths from heatwaves)
  • Higher frequency of catastrophic fires and increased droughts
  • Precipitation levels are increasing leading to flooding and loss of land cultivated for crops and food


Specific Countries Impacted: Cameroon (the region most significantly impacted by climate change), Mount Kilimanjaro (disappearances of glaciers), North Africa (disastrous flooding), Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia (droughts and food shortages)


  • One of the most vulnerable continents to climate change, which is further impacted by poor economic conditions
  • Rising temperatures and less rainfall are causing significant droughts and water shortages
  • Increased weather-related disasters including flooding and intensified storms

Middle East

Specific Countries Impacted: Persian Gulf (insufferable temperatures), United Arab Emirates (rising temps/droughts), Palestinian Authority and Jordan (becoming more desert-like)


  • Climate change could literally make parts of the Middle East too hot for human being to survive (prediction); rising temperatures and increased humidity
  • Increasing droughts during the wintertime; aquifers running dry; twelve of the world's fifteen most water-scarce countries are in the Middle East
  • Difficult environment for trees and other plant-life to grow and thrive

South Asia

Specific Countries Impacted: Bangladesh (one of the most heavily impacted regions), northeastern India (low lying villages are submerging), Ganges River (wildfires)


  • Increasing temperatures, which are now more pronounced during winters
  • Rising sea levels producing intensified storms (cyclonic activity) and other weather events such as flooding and increased landslides
  • Natural resources are decreasing causing food shortages and lack of shelter for the region’s poor

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