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How We Help

We've made donating trees simple.

ReTree is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that donates trees to countries in need. Select a Preferred Country in need or use our Plant-A-Tree interactive map to choose from over 25 countries where you’d like to donate trees. Countries in orange represent active planting areas. You then select the number of trees you’d like to plant – and for every tree you plant, ReTree will donate one more tree somewhere in the world. 


After you make your donation, funds are then appropriated to our trusted network of planting partners to cover the cost of trees and labor to plant them. Our partners decide the type of trees to plant, and only plant during favorable weather and environmental conditions. That means your trees may not be planted for a few months or more. Once they’re ready to plant, our partners will choose the land, cultivate the soil, and nurture the seedlings to give them the best possible start. They, along with the locals, continue to maintain them until they’ve taken root and begin to breathe a life of their own, absorbing that nasty CO2 from the air and helping to cool our precious planet!  

Socially sharing your donation is one of the more important aspects of ReTree. The power of a social sharing cannot be underestimated. When you share your initiatives with your friends and followers on networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they, too, feel inspired and want to make a change. Invite them to help you ReTree our planet and reverse climate change.

When you plant a tree, you’re doing more than planting a seed. You’re making a change! You’re joining forces with individuals from around the globe to help reverse climate change. Our goal is one million trees planted in 2016. Plant yours today!

RETREE - Let's Plant Trees