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Our Mission

RETREE (verb):
The act of replenishing the earth’s tree supply to help reverse climate change.

Our mission is to inspire people to help reverse climate change, one tree at a time. Together, we can ReTree and plant roots for a better tomorrow.

Our goal is simple, to plant 1 million trees each year. To accomplish this mission, ReTree will double the number of trees our donors plant for the entire year.

Our world is home to more than three trillion (3,000,000,000,000) trees!
While that might seem like a large number, each day more than two and a half million (2,500,000) trees are destroyed.

This constant and ongoing destruction has contributed (along with fossil fuel emissions) to a major issue for our planet: climate change.

When it happens naturally, as it did for millions of years, tree loss is a normal part of the cycle of life.

A tree dies and another one grows. Now, with man’s interference and the loss of trees happening at an alarming rate, our planet can’t breathe.

It was never designed to handle all that we’re putting it through. Climate change being at the top of the list. Although climate change might seem complex, it is largely caused by too much atmospheric carbon dioxide.

The carbon dioxide in our air traps heat and, in turn, causes temperatures to rise. And they’re currently rising fast. We’ve all seen the images of polar bears floating on drifting ice and ancient glaciers melting into the oceans below. The effects are widespread and felt the world over. We don't want to dwell on these negative images. We'd rather act. 

The time to act, is now!

Reducing factory and auto emissions might be the first thing you think of when tackling this global issue.

Guess what? We don’t need fancy gadgets or millions invested in new technologies to fight climate change.

There’s a simpler way to remove carbon dioxide from the air: trees!

Trees absorb CO2 from the air as they grow. Using energy from the sun, they turn the carbon captured from the CO2 molecules into building blocks for their trunks, branches, and foliage. This is all part of the carbon cycle and ReTree has created the simplest way to increase the number of trees and help reverse climate change.

Forty-eight pounds of carbon dioxide is absorbed annually, or one ton by the time each tree reaches forty years old

1 tree will produce enough oxygen for two people for a year

Temperatures are lowered by transpiring water and shading surfaces

Ten room-size air conditioners operating twenty hours per day are replaced

Now multiply these results by thousands and millions of trees! We can’t stop climate change, but we can make an incredible impact, together, one tree at a time.

Planting trees is the right thing to do not only for ourselves but for every living thing, all future generations, and the longevity of Mother Earth herself.

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