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What in the world is Tree Bombing?

by David Tobias
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What in the world is Tree Bombing?

The term “world” couldn’t be more fitting.  According to Tree Hugger, there are approximately 2,500 old military planes that are sitting in airport hangars around the world – in over 70 countries!  These planes were designed to drop aerial bombs for military operations and could be used to drop as many as 900,000 young trees in a day!  Credit to a former RAF pilot, Jack Walters, to come up with this brilliant idea.  Lockheed has stated that a retro-fit technology could allow the planting of as many as 1 BILLION trees per year, enough to reforest 3k square miles (about 3x the size of Rhode Island). 

So how does all of this work?  Each aircraft would have to be outfitted to drop tree-bombs instead of kill-you bombs.  Then, you have to select a friendly environment and of course., make certain you are dropping the saplings during the right growing season (you aren’t dropping these things in the middle of winter in Alaska).  Importantly, the tree cones dropped from the aircraft have a pointed end that should bury itself into the ground at a proper depth for optimal growth.  See the rest of the story on Tree Hugger or check out the YouTube video about Ariel Reforestation.

by David Tobias


Narendra Kumar
Narendra Kumar

This is a very good and useful idea that can be helpful to reduce the global warming.
This will also helpful to reduce the health expenditures with the improvement of environmental issues.

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