6 Fast-Growing Trees to Add Privacy to Your Yard

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Trees are not only essential to tackling climate change and reducing air pollution, they are also make a perfect fortress and can add privacy to your yard. Some grow faster than others and can make you feel less out in the open in virtually no time at all. Below are six varieties that are hardy and fast-growing:

Blue Wonder Spruce

The Blue Wonder Spruce is an evergreen with a year-round bluish hue. By only growing to about 6 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide, this spruce can fit anywhere. Ideal for zones 3 through 8, these trees make perfect hedgerows or privacy screens in areas with limited space without impeding into the neighbor’s yard. They also look great as standalone trees and accent pieces, and thrive in containers.

Cryptomeria Radicans

Robust in grow zones 5 through 9 and bred to develop at a fast pace, Radicans, also known as the Japanese Cedar, grow at a staggering rate of 3-4 feet per year. Maturing to heights of 35-45 feet with an approximate spread of under 20 feet, these feathery soft fast growers have grown in popularity and make a dramatic backdrop for lower growing shrubs. They’re drought tolerant, disease resistant, and require very little upkeep.

Leyland Cypress 

The Leyland Cypress is hassle-free and one of the most planted privacy trees in America. Grown across the country, this variety does well in practically any environment. This hearty Cypress will climb up to 3-5 feet in height each year, reaching a mature height of 40-60 feet. And they stay green all year!

Nellie Stevens Holly

This popular holly hedge grows up to 3 feet per year and thrives on neglect. A hands-off winner, Nellie Stevens Hollies, grown in zones 6 through 9, have a wide, pyramidal shape that matures at 15-25 feet. It’s a bird-watcher’s paradise, attracting songbirds galore, and with its lush red winter berries, a few branches will make the perfect décor for the holidays.

Eastern White Pine

Beloved throughout the ages, the Eastern White Pine has been used in Native American herbal remedies and selected for the homes of our nation’s founders. Some Eastern White Pines are 500 years old! They do well in dry or wet soil and will adapt to their landscape and surroundings. Reaching heights of 50-80 feet and mature widths of 20-40 feet, this is the perfect tree for creating shade and privacy in large, open spaces. There is no zone too hot or too cold for the Eastern White Pine.

Thuja Green Giant

Thuja Green Giants are as versatile as they are interesting. Left unpruned, Thuja Green Giants planted in rows can reach as high as 30-40 feet. They do well in zones 5 through 9, and their foliage stays soft and thick all year long. Once established, they grow 3-5 feet per year and are drought tolerant. No shears are required for them to grow into a uniform barrier with a French Renaissance look. Make sure you buy Thujas grown from branch cuttings and not seeds for the best possible growth.

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