Tourism Severely Impacted by Climate Change

Posted by David Tobias on

As the planet’s temperatures rise, many popular tourist destinations sites such as Yellowstone National Park, Mt. Everest, the Galapagos Islands, the Great Barrier Reef, Venice, Italy… even the Statue of Liberty are vulnerable to these changing environmental conditions. 

Recently, a report recently released by UNESCO, named 31 popular tourist destination sites that are current impacted by climate change.  As the planet realizes hotter summers that lead to more wildfires, melting glaciers and snow pack that gives rise to sea levels, or higher severity of flooding and soil erosion, UNESCO has determined that tourism has begun to decline precipitously. 

The UNESCO report was thought to be so impactful that Australia is rumored to be absent from the report out of fear that it would create awareness of the threat facing the Great Barrier Reef.  For details on each of the 31 tourist destinations, click over to Mashable for the full article.

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